The elements in my treasure box that serve me best are faith, family, food and fitness. My favorite titles are wife and mom. Before becoming a wife and a mom, I practiced as a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, specializing in pediatrics. My interest in nutrition’s ability to impact life and learning began to peak my interest, as my case load was multiplying with children holding diagnosis of developmental delays, receptive and expressive language delays, and attention deficit disorders. As my husband and I began to plan for our family, I began to question the foods and sodas that were filling our frig and pantry recognizing nutrition can either promote wellness or illness.


Everyone has a doctor in him or her; We just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.

- Hippocrates

Married for 18 years now, John and I have 2 beautiful girls. Not yet perfect in parenting, we are passing on our love for faith, food, and fitness to our children.

With fifteen years of work experience in the health and wellness industry, I have attended hours of classes and seminars where some of the nation’s most sought after speakers have presented learning and methods to achieve optimal health. Those years prompted my studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to earn an Integrative Health Coach Certification. Well-equipped in holistic nutrition, health coaching and prevention, I guide and support clients to explore small shifts in lifestyle and gain health-promoting competence to produce real and lasting results, improve energy, balance, health and happiness.

Each session you will grow inspiration and motivation within yourself. We will talk about bringing balance not only to food and fitness, but other life concerns such as love, relationships, career, and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make small changes to transform your life.

ONE small thing to consider before we start:

Are you ready to find the missing link between information and transformation?