Declutter Your Space. Declutter Your Mind.

These words caught my attention while reading an article recently—a home maker’s cry for help‼️

Continuous visual reminders of disorganization can create ?anxiety, ?an inability to stay-on-task, ?and it can even hinder our sleep. Need proof❓ A study revealed levels of stress hormone cortisol were higher in mother’s whose home environment was cluttered. Tidy homes have been found to be a determinant of physical health. Participants whose houses were cleaner were more active and had greater physical health.

Decluttering by throwing things away is even biblical, did you know? Ecclesiastes 3:6 reads there is “a time to keep and a time to cast away.” There is a time to restore order by organizing, repurposing, and/or by throwing things away for the sake of our mental health.

Here are {3} tips for restoring order in your home.

  • Set a timer. Give your self a designated amount of time to begin a task. Once the timer goes off, celebrate your accomplishment, albeit small or big.
  • Start in a place that will create the greatest difference—perhaps a high-traffic area (kitchen or living room).
  • I ❤️ this quote, ‘Clutter is simply the result of delayed decisions.’ Make a decision. Assess what you actually need and use, and get rid of the rest.

To learn more about how clutter effects the brain and body, read the following:,other%20people%20decluttering%20their%20lives

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