Gratitude Journal

The best time to be grateful is always! Think of the practice of gratitude as a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Research documents gratitude as a practice with numerous physical and psychological benefits. Can you imagine the multitude of benefits that might be experienced if we were to extend this practice, typically reserved for a small window of time during the holiday season, throughout the entire year?
This journal was the answer to my personal quest for peace and it is my heart’s desire that it will serve as your guide to perceive the world in new and exciting ways through daily gratitude prompts and Bible verses + weekly reflections specific to 6 areas of health. 

"I find it extremely wonderful that God placed on your heart (and in your hand) exactly what I needed. Your journal is a breath of fresh air. It is simple, yet pushes me to think deeper. It allows me to sit in peace, yet challenges me to go beyond, 'I'm thankful for my family," which I am, but you know what I mean." - Cristi S.

Take a peek inside

210 Pages of Daily Prompts, Space to Freehand, and Weekly Reflection Questions relative to Wellbeing

Includes Themes

  • Think
  • Physical Activity
  • Rest
  • Self Care
  • Friendships
  • Cooking

Meet the Author, Sharina

Well-equipped in holistic nutrition, health coaching and prevention, I guide and support clients to explore small shifts in lifestyle and gain health-promoting competence to produce real and lasting results, improve energy, balance, health and happiness.

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