Healthy Halloween Swaps

We need to rethink how we do Halloween. I’m not suggesting that we rob our children of Halloween fun but think on this. Reportedly, American children consume 81 grams of sugar per day, equaling over 65 pounds of added sugar per year. According to the American Heart Association, most children should consume no more than 3-6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. One 20-ounce soft drink, which contains 15 or more teaspoons of added sugars, far exceeds those limits.

Recognizing that sugar can be a problem—not to mention that we can spend a small fortune on Halloween candy, why not consider gifting non-edible treats? Non-edible treats are naturally sugar-free AND they last longer, gifting more joy.

Oriental Trading Company is a great online resource for non-edible Halloween treats and shipping is FREE. Here are SIX ideas, each under $10.

If you are still not ready to eliminate sugary treats from your Trick-or-Treaters, consider purchasing treats free of food dyes, genetically modified ingredients, and other non-food additives by purchasing the following:

  • OCHO Minis
  • Alter Eco Truffles
  • Justin’s Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • Surf Sweets Organic Candy
  • Yum Earth Candy Corn
  • Yum Earth Organic Pops

Until we begin to vote with our dollars by selecting products like the ones mentioned above, retailers are going to continue filling their shelves with traditional “fun size” treats laden with sugar, genetically modified, and other non-food additives for parents to hand out to children on Halloween night.

OH!!! I almost forgot. Have you heard of the Switch Witch? The Switch Witch is a good witch that visits your home on Halloween night, usually while the children sleep, and takes (not steals) all of the children’s Halloween candy (or a select amount) and replaces it with a new trinket or small toy, a gift card, maybe a lil cash, or an idea for a family experience.

If I may be real–mom to mom, my husband and I skipped the whimsical tradition of the Switch Witch and made the choice to do a cash for candy trade with our girls many years ago, and they LOVE the idea. In case you are concerned, they DO get to keep F I V E pieces of candy each, but the rest of the candy goes away. Ansley and Adison have always been able to participate in the fun of Halloween–dressing up in a costume and trick-or-treating. They’ve always enjoyed the thrill of dumping their loot on the kitchen floor and sorting all of their treats–choosing five favorites, and they’ve happily handed over the rest of the candy for a lil cash in their pocket. Over the years, it has been a teachable moment about the ill effects of sugar on their growing bodies and the importance of moderation.

Whether you give Switch Witch a try or skip the pomp and circumstance and go right for the cash for candy trade, ultimately YOU ARE THE PARENT and the CEO of your children’s health. I know you will make the best choice for you and your children!

**If you know someone who would be blessed by this information, please pass it along. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring.

Have a happy (and healthy) Halloween,

Coach Rina

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