Not All Protein Shakes Should Be Deemed Safe for Consumption

Protein shakes are popular among the health conscious. It’s logical to see why the health conscious would approve, because typical protein shakes yield promises of transformation, including weight loss. And what busy person seeking health would be averse to ‘quick and healthy’ meal replacements? But beware! Not all protein shakes should be deemed safe for consumption.

Many shakes on the market are highly processed denatured proteins laden with chemicals, preservatives, and other non-food additives. One thing that all protein shakes have in common is that they ARE processed. Knowing this, it is critical to determine whether the shake we choose contains the most nutritious, real-food ingredients as possible.

  • Is your shake Certified Organic and/or Non-GMO Project Verified? If not, your shake could potentially contain GMOs—which most definitely contain harmful pesticides.
  • Does your shake contain carrageenan? Carrageenan, a food additive that is a stabilizing and emulsifying agent that has been deemed carcinogenic. It can be found in milk substitute products, deli meats, cottage cheese, and even infant formula.
  • Does your shake contain whey protein isolate? Whey protein isolate is highly processed starting from ultra-pasteurized conventional milk that has antibiotics and growth hormones, which are exposed to acid processing, stripping the alkalinizing minerals, and naturally occurring vitamins and lipids. Without appropriate balance of alkalizing foods, whey protein isolate can acidify the body.

Other ingredients to watch for, but certainly not limited to:

  • maltodextrin,
  • modified food starch,
  • vegetable oils such as, canola, safflower, and sunflower,
  • skim milk powders, and
  • milk solids.

My family has chosen Complete shakes by Juice Plus+ for 17 years because they are made with high quality standards that you would expect from the brand. Complete shakes are certified by NSF to ensure that they meet and exceed strict guidelines for quality and safety. Complete shakes are packed with prebiotics, fiber, plant-protein, greens, and a superfood blend of essential nutrients. Made with simple ingredients: Water washed soy, chickpea powder, pea protein, rice protein, amaranth, millet, quinoa, radish sprouts, broccoli sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts. Complete shakes are also:

» Gluten-free

» Vegan

» Made without GMO ingredients

» Low glycemic

And for only $2.33 a serving, they are the most affordable, nutritious, fast food, for busy people on the go!!

Complete plant-protein powder is very versatile. Not only can you use the plant-powder to make shakes, but you can also use the powder to make energy bites, and other snacks such as, chocolate Complete pudding, cookie dough, puppy chow, and pancakes. Our Complete Creations Recipe Book contains 58 pages of plant-based indulgences. Dr. Mitra Ray said it best, ‘The more plant foods you eat, the healthier you will be.’

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