Costco shopping list

Shopping for food, containing real-food ingredients, can be daunting when perusing the shelves of a big box store. And because time can also be a factor, I created this Costco shopping list. Although not all inclusive, this list features a lot of my family’s favorite Costco foods. Print a copy of this list to take along on your next trip to Costco and eliminate the guess work.

A Health coach's guide to walmart

This resource was created to serve as a guide while grocery shopping at Walmart. Typically, big box stores may not be considered a source for health enhancing foods, but in my experience that isn’t always the case. By utilizing this guide, you will learn

  • {5} Tips for Navigating the Ingredients Label,
  • Favorable substitutions for conventional foods,
  • Shopping tips,
  • And more!!!!

5 Ways

to stay true to your wellness goals during the holidays!


-5 actionable steps for staying true to your wellness goals
-3 holiday recipes to dine and dazzle the crowd
-Baking swaps to create healthier holiday treats and eats

I’m excited for you to receive and benefit from this FREE gift.

A FREE Resource for Your Athlete

This resource was created to help open up a dialogue between you and your athlete about the importance of optimal nutrition on performance and recovery.

Learn together with your athlete:

  • 6 benefits of good nutrition.
  • 6 ill-effects of eating junk food.
  • How to recognize non-food additives.
  • How to differentiate Green Light, Yellow Light, and Red-Light foods.

Gratitude Journal

This journal was the answer to my personal quest for peace and it is my heart’s desire that it will serve as your guide to perceive the world in new and exciting ways through daily gratitude prompts and Bible verses + weekly reflections specific to 6 areas of health. 

The Healthy Lunchbox Guide for Kids

This lunchbox guide has been a favorite back-to-school resource used by my family for many years and now your family can use it too. 

  •  Print a copy of the guide for each of your children.
  •  Create a grocery shopping list, based on the items that your children indicate they would like to have in their school lunch.
  •  Take the guesswork out of packing lunches.
  •  Mom tested. Kid approved.

Free Meal Prep
Tips & Tricks

This free download includes 8 full-color pages of the best meal prep tips and strategies, and it even includes three of my family’s favorite dinner recipes.

5 Free Breakfast Recipes

to minimize hassle during the morning routine

With optimal nutrition and a limited investment of time, these breakfast inspirations will provide fuel for your kids so they can start their day alert and ready to learn.

Fuel for School

A new school year is upon us! For many kids and teachers, a packed lunch is a necessity. If you answer YES to any of these questions, have I got a resource for you!

  1. Are you in a rut–packing the same lunches day after day?
  2. Do you need guidance to pack nutritionally balanced meals?
  3. Is lack-of-time a hindrance when planning meals?
  4. Do you have picky eaters?
  5. Would you like your kids to help with lunchbox planning?

What's Included?

  • A simple formula to create nutritionally balanced lunch boxes
  • Time Saving Tips! Learn how to buy back time in your busy week.
  • Hot Tips! Dive deeper into labeling to eliminate shopping confusion.
  • A Healthy Lunchbox Guide designed to empower kids to help with lunchbox planning
  • Coach Rina Approved brand substitutions for conventional lunchbox foods
  • And so much more!!!!

Grocery Pro Strategy

The ultimate guide to help you identify misleading labels and make wiser food choices, conquering the grocery store and your shopping list.