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Kitchen II



Do the contents and appearance of your pantry lack inspiration and appeal?

Is your pantry stocked with pre-packaged, highly processed foods? 

Do you feel like your supermarket experience would be more fulfilling if you knew how to interpret the nutrition fact label and/or the ingredient label?

Does a trip to the supermarket feel daunting because you lack a good sense of what is truly good for you due to the ever-changing diet trends?

Kitchen II

Do you over-spend at the supermarket and arrive at home without recipe inspiration?

Is your spice cabinet full of out-of-date spices, because you didn’t understand their culinary benefit?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, a fun Pantry Makeover with Coach Rina will inspire and inform you. Either in person or virtually, together we will identify what your dream pantry looks like. You will learn to interpret labels on your favorite foods. You will learn to make healthier swaps/substitutions for your favorite pantry staples. Establishing healthier, more appropriate food choices will empower you to meal plan and supermarket shop. 

During a Pantry Makeover, a client will:

  • learn ‘How-To’ read labels-recognizing favorable vs unfavorable ingredients.
  • receive a personal copy of the Grocery Pro Strategy (a $23 value), an ultimate guide to make wiser food choices, conquering both the grocery store and the shopping list.
  • receive a copy of the Ultimate Pantry Makeover checklist
  • Discover healthy swaps/substitutions for favorite pantry staples

A full hour of standard Pantry Makeover service is $60*.


$60 for 60 Minutes


$75 for 75 Minutes

*If a service requires more time than the standard allotment, there will be an additional $50/hour.

A Few Transformations




Now that you have a handle on your pantry, does a trip to the supermarket still feel incredibly overwhelming? Despite your best intentions, there are thousands of products with perfect packaging designed to lure you in. Perfect your food detective skills and learn to shop the perimeter of the supermarket so you can improve your shopping experience and ultimately, your health.

With a LIVE or Virtual Supermarket Tour with Coach Rina, you will learn my favorite tips and tricks for  navigating each section of the supermarket & you will leave with a seven-day meal plan (Breakfast, lunch, OR dinner, you choose!) and a coordinating shopping list for future reference.

A 60-minute Supermarket Tour is $60*. The client will receive a personal copy of the Grocery Pro Strategy (a $23 value), an ultimate guide to make wiser food choices, conquering both the grocery store and the shopping list.


60 Minutes for $60

*If a service requires more time than the standard allotment, there will be an additional $50/hour.




Human beings, like other species, know that what they eat affects every aspect of life. Over time, people experimented, made mistakes, and slowly started to realize that diets don’t work. Food must be about the individual, not about the theory. One person’s food is another person’s poison.

Being healthy is not only about the food on your plate. It is about the water you drink, the air you breathe, the love you give and receive, physical exercise, occupation or career, spiritual practice, and so on.

As your Integrative Health Coach,  we will work closely together for a minimum of 6 months. Meeting twice a month in-person or virtually for 60 minutes/session, we will define and differentiate primary food versus secondary food. Just as we are all unique in mind, body, and spirit – we are also unique in the things that support our individual health and happiness. Together we will create a plan that will positively impact your whole being.



Anything worth doing can certainly be more fun with a few friends. It would be preferential to meet with each individual from the group privately prior to our 1st group session, allowing me an opportunity to get to know each person and to learn his/her health goal(s).

Group Coaching can be conducted LIVE or Virtually. Trying to accommodate multiple schedules, can present its challenges, but we will strive to meet 1x/week for 6 weeks at 90 minutes per session. Materials, session notes, and on-going support in between sessions will be provided.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and get ready to tap into the power of possibility.



I first met Sharina about twelve years ago when I was in college. There has not been another person that has impacted my health and life more than Sharina. Her knowledge and passion for holistic health helped me to make significant lifestyle changes that completely changed my life. It has been a long journey to total health and wellness but Sharina has been there every step of the way encouraging and educating me. She has personally practiced the highest standard of health since I have known her. She never stops researching, growing, and expanding her knowledge for the benefit of her family and those around her. She is a gift to all who know her and I would not be the person I am today without her. She has given me and my family the invaluable gift of health that will last us a lifetime. 

Much love,


Nineteen years ago, I eliminated synthetic vitamins and said YES to plant powders in a capsule. Recognizing that I was not vitamin deficient, but rather deficient of optimal nutrition, Juice Plus+ made perfect sense. The resolve to bridge my nutritional deficiency with real, whole food has proven to be one of my best decisions.

With 30+ published clinical studies, Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product on the market. Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blends provide whole food based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, grains and berries. Through our Healthy Starts for Families program, children can receive this optimal nutrition FREE.


The Juice Plus+ Company also recognizes the value in growing and cultivating your own nutrient-rich food. This vertical, aeroponic gardening system allows you to grow produce with greater simplicity than a traditional garden. Grow up to 30% more healthy food, 3x faster. No soil. Grow plants with water and a nutrient solution. No green thumb required.